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1) Preliminary Search

It is essential, in seeking grant or loan funding, to know exactly what you are looking to do in order to identify if there is any funding available as well as how much funding you require.

A key part of our methodology in identifying whether there is grant or loan funding available for your project is to carry out a Grant Search. This is done on line via our website by completing a simple information request which should take around twelve minutes to complete. Once it is returned to GFG, a Report is produced within five working days. The Preliminary Report normally covers three areas related to the following:

  1. Loans and Grants available which are directly related to the project
  2. Grants and Loans available that are indirectly related to the project
  3. Other grants, awards and loans available which are probably of no interest

Your Preliminary Search can begin now at a cost of £85.00 + VAT by using our online grant search application form.

2) Free Consultation

Once the Preliminary Report has been produced and sent by email along with a Tax Receipt for the Grant Search, we will seek to have a conversation with you to discuss the findings. The purpose of the consultation is to enable you to ask questions, obtain further clarification and decide whether and when any application process should start.

3) Support and Assist Completion and Submission of Applications

Applying for grant and loan funding is a lengthy and complex process and our experience is that on average an application for funding of £50,000 and above takes a minimum of 60 hours.

Our Fee Structure is as follows:

  1. A Commencement Fee
  2. A Submission Fee
  3. A Success Fee

All fees are agreed up front and captured in a Letter of Engagement and once the Letter of Engagement has been signed and the Commencement Fee paid, work begins. The Submission Fee is paid following the submission of the Application and the Success Fee is only payable if the application is successful.

Please note that if a Business Plan or Financial Forecast is required as part of the application then additional fees will be charged. These will be agreed up front. We do not believe in any hidden charges.

4) Assisting the Funds Flow

When a grant is awarded, the funding may only be released periodically or after certification. GFG can manage this process for you to ensure that funding is with you at the earliest possible opportunity.

5) Ongoing support

GFG provides on-going support for businesses by sending email alerts detailing updates of new grants or changes in criteria for existing grants.

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