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Funding is essential for all businesses and organisations and there is always a process to go through to secure it.

We are here to help make ideas happen for your organisation or business by identifying and securing funding for your project.

Where grant and loan money are concerned the process of identifying and applying for funding is often seen as confusing, frustrating, a drain on resources and with no guarantee of success at the end.

Those who offer help in the search process are often limited in their knowledge, lack methodology regarding funding as it is not their core business. Those who provide the grant data, and many who offer general advice mainly function as signposts pointing you in a general direction rather than providing specific advice and assistance in the application process.

Demand for funding is high, competition can be fierce, the application process is time consuming and arduous and, to ensure success, it is vital the application is complete in all respects. Each stage of the process requires a significant depth of knowledge, a proven methodology and the management of key relationships throughout.

Going For Grants (GFG) exists to advise, search, identify and apply for this unique form of funding along with support for clients. GFG always aims to be company and project specific, produce reports which are easy to read and understand , save time for clients, reduce the hassle and actively manage the process.

With its unique and proven approach, GFG mines data from a number of sources to ascertain what is available for clients, sifts through the data fields to identify what is or is not available for clients.

Why we are different

Business Experience

GFG is a division of BROADTHUNDER Ltd which has within its team over 50 years of business experience. In addition, in managing businesses its team have experienced what it is to go through the challenging process of raising capital with all the highs and lows of success or failure.

The purpose of GFG is, on behalf of clients:

  • To provide grant and loan funding advice to businesses
  • To confirm whether funding may or may not be available
  • To assist clients in obtaining relevant loans or grants for the development of their business
  • To save clients time, speed up the process and manage through to completion
Core Business

Most of the providers of grant or small business loan advice currently offer this service as one of many. As a result, this is not their core business and is not seen as a priority, purely as an added value service and not prime product.

The core business of GFG is the provision of advice, mining for data, sifting the fields of data for client specific opportunities, providing easy to read reports and predominantly operating on a ‘no win no fee basis’ when a full application takes place.

Unique Approach

Application forms are the means used to communicate with the funder and the method by which the funder is informed:

  • Who the applicant is
  • What they do
  • What they require the funding for and their supporting argument

The funders are looking at different criteria for each type of funding such as location, type of organisation, size, project purpose, employee affect and also whether or not their funding objectives are being fully met.

It is essential the company or organisation making the grant application is able to demonstrate its readiness to apply in the sense that it is:

  • Reputable, viable and efficiently run
  • Has a clear and specific vision of what it wishes to do, how it aims to achieve its goals and the benefits / differences that will be made from the project
  • Has strong management
  • Has finances which are regulated and in order
  • Has a medium or long term business plan
  • Has a good, clear and precise understanding of the project and its purpose
  • Is complying with legislation, accreditation and good practice

Eligibility and readiness are not enough in a competitive application process. If the application is to increase its chance of success it must be able to clearly:

  • Demonstrate a genuine need for the project
  • Show that the project is well planned
  • Cost the project conservatively as over-spends are not subject to further grant monies but under-spends reduce the value of the grant
  • Provide evidence of good management pre and post completion
  • Provide a robust marketing plan and the effect of the new project on the business
  • Illustrate how the project will make a difference and without the funding is unlikely to proceed

GFG is alert to funding criteria, eligibility and readiness issues. Through its unique methodology of searching, sifting, analysing, prioritising and processing, it reduces the risk of wasted time and effort, and only moves from stage to stage providing there is an increased probability of success. We can help your organisation or business go for grants or for loans. We can help make your ideas happen.

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